Toyota Tundra CrewMax Limited Interior Review

Change 2008 Civic Rear Shocks

Hi guys it’s time to write you how to install rear shocks in 2000 on dissident. So we’re seeing what I do is take out the on. Thus we classic folders I guess. He’s holding up the winding so you need to do is on school room. And then you can just call him straight out. Russell second one year’s

Nexen presented the new models

Nexen Tire announced the release of 2 latest tire models: Nexen N’Priz AH5 and Nexen N7000 Plus. The first presented model was Nexen N’Priz AH5, which has the tread design, typical for the touring tires. N’Priz AH5 combines two key characteristics – high comfort and great resource. The guaranteed mileage is 50 thousand miles (about

How does the rain gauge work?

This smart device is located inside the machine – how does it feels raindrops? The key is that the rain sensor reacts not to moisture but to light. It has two elements: the LED and photo-diode The LED emits infrared light. We do not see the light, but actively use in everyday life – such

How to search for auto parts

Spare parts for foreign cars are usually looking directly for the article, or using the online catalogs of spare parts for foreign cars. It is very easy and convenient to buy spare parts for foreign cars has, however, the problem of spare parts compatibility arises almost every buyer. Ease of use online shops to buy

Auto parts manufacturers what to choose: the original or equivalent?

Another dilemma for the car owners are thinking about buying auto parts. Domestic car enthusiast, by virtue of certain preserved the mentality and interfering in his life external factors are constantly faced with the need to save, leaving the habit to the questions of acquisition of high-quality parts for their cars. Original spare parts, guaranteeing